Finding Success with HighJump, AMR and E2’s Expertise

E2 Solutions has the ability to integrate and modify warehouse management systems (WMS) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) to fit your specific distribution needs. For one Third-Party Logistics (3PL) client, hiring E2 Solutions meant increasing their fulfillment numbers by nearly 300%.

The Client
A National Third Party Logistics Firm

The client is a national third party logistics company headquartered in the southwest US.  They are a mid to large size firm offering warehousing, order fulfillment, transportation, and packaging services to their client companies in the US, Canada and Mexico.  Since the mid 60’s, the client has been a customer-first, no nonsense warehousing company run by honest, hardworking people.

The Challenge
Increase Fill Rates to Meet End-user Requirements

In the spring of 2018, a global craft supplies company located in California was searching for a new 3PL to take over their fulfillment process.  Prior to this decision, they were not satisfied with the service or results they received from their existing 3PL. Forecasting was difficult, and while their business was seeing rapid growth, especially during the holiday season, staffing quickly became an issue, with shipments delayed by days or even weeks.

The client was approached with the challenge of solving the existing issues and creating a system that would flex over peak season.  To ensure successful implementation of the project, the client selected E2 Solutions.

The Solution
A Flexible Process Using HighJump and AMR Integration

HighJump is one of the top Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) in the world, and E2 Solutions is one of the leading experts in HighJump robotics integration. While a number of solutions companies are capable of working with HighJump, E2’s 20 years of experience with the system allows them to integrate any number of various robotics or other third-party platforms into the management system.

E2 Solutions created a flexible solution to help handle the increased orders while avoiding the hassle and additional resource allocation associated with short-term hiring. Securing 20 Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) from Locus Robotics, E2 experts created and implemented a smart integration system for the existing HighJump software. When the orders began to heat up, an additional 20 bots were leased from Locus and integrated into the E2 platform.

Once the massive wave of holiday season orders had subsided, unneeded bots were returned, saving valuable space and money from being wasted.

The Result
Triple the Fill Numbers While Saving Resources

Thanks to E2’s flexible HighJump and AMR solution, the client was able to save up to 25% of their labor resources in an economy where labor can be difficult to find, not to mention saving thousands of dollars in infrastructure changes. Over 99% of orders were filled on time and in full. Dock back-ups from scheduled carrier pick-ups were kept to a minimum.

Compared to the craft supply company’s previous warehousing partner, the new team, equipped with E2 and HighJump was an unbeatable powerhouse able to fill every order that came their way. Estimated fill numbers went from between 60,000 and 70,000 orders to nearly three times that number – and the system E2 created is designed to handle much more when necessary.

Thanks to E2 Solutions’ expertise utilizing and customizing the HighJump platform, the client 3PL can rest easy knowing their clients will never be left unsatisfied again – exactly the result you can expect from your next project with E2 Solutions.

E2 Solutions provides supply chain consulting, HighJump expertise and IT consulting to medium to large sized businesses to help solve distribution and inventory challenges. To speak to us directly and learn what our combined 30 years of experience building software can do for your business, call us today at 612-225-1961 or email us at